AA: Variance [S1-E2]

1 hour - 2 hours
Federation Level 46+

Mission Description

Part two of the foundry mission ADRIFT series. For the best gaming experience, this mission should be played after first playing ADRIFT. Classified: By order of Starfleet Command: Your mission is to save the timeline from a power-crazed madman. Admiral Aaron and the crew of the Northstar are counting on the success of this mission. You will need to go back in time and retrieve Mirror Admiral Aaron. Prepare for a battle to the bitter end of time. Mission Objective: Locate and recover Mirror Universe Aaron and prevent any damage to the timeline. Starfleet Command out. Mission Overview: *Mission starts at Kessik System – Located in Gamma Orionis *Heavy space and ground combat. *Medium amount of story to read. *Options to skip text dialogue. *Mission is difficult. *Intended to be played solo. *In a team, expect double the enemies. *Bring a frequency remodulator. *Bring SCI, ENG, and TAC officers. *Approximate play time is 45 minutes. STO Admiral Aaron - Building Better - Foundry