AA: Starbase Invictus Social Map

15-30 minutes
Federation Level 50+

Mission Description

Starbase Invictus was rebuilt after the conflict with the Voth. Its new location is on the edge of Kyana System. [MissionInfo]Starbase Invictus is a standalone Foundry Social Zone, from STO Admiral Aaron. Starbase Invictus was first introduced in the Foundry mission INVICTUS.[/MissionInfo] [OOC]Social Zone Objective: Dock at Starbase Invictus the Kyana system and enjoy.[/OOC] [MissionInfo]Social Zone Overview: *Foundry Social Zone. *Minimum level 50+. *Mission starts at Kyana System – Located in the Delta Quadrant. *Optional ground combat. *Optional hidden dialogue. *Bring a Frequency Remodulator. *Bring a Floater Device.[/MissionInfo]