AA: Resistance [BORG]

15-30 minutes
Federation Level 41+

Mission Description

[OOC]Resistance[/OOC] [OOC]Objective[/OOC] Earth is under attack by the Borg. Though they have repelled the first wave of the attack, it is highly likely that more Borg forces will resume the assault soon. We need the [ShipFullName] to assist Earth and defend it from Borg attack immediately. [MissionInfo]Go to Sol System and assist with its defense.[/MissionInfo] [OOC]Mission Starts: Earth Space Dock - Exchange Door (Located in the Exchange area of Earth Space Dock).[/OOC] [MissionInfo]Mission Overview: *Minimum level 41+ *Medium combat for space and ground. *Low amount of plot to read. *Intended to be played solo. *In a team, expect double the enemies. *Bring SCI, ENG, and TAC officers. *Bring a frequency remodulator. *Average play time is 20 mins .[/MissionInfo]