AA: Redacted 13 [S1-E3]

1 hour - 2 hours
Federation Level 41+

Mission Description

REDACTED 13 is the conclusion of a three-part series of Foundry missions including ADRIFT and VARIANCE. For the best gaming experience, this mission should be played after playing the first two missions of the series. Successfully completing the REDACTED 13 mission does not require the knowledge gained from the previous two missions, but it is recommended for optimal enjoyment and comprehension of the plot. Mission Objective: Classified: by order of Starfleet Command. Your mission is to apprehend the Admiral Aaron of the Mirror Universe, at all costs. You must discover who or what is pulling the strings in this nightmare-inducing plot against the Federation. Mission Overview: Mission start Omicron Kappa System Located in Hotep Sector *Minimum level 41+ *Heavy space and ground combat. *Intended to be played solo. *Heavy combat for space and ground. *Bring SCI, ENG, and TAC officers. **STO Admiral Aaron - Building Better - Foundry Missions**