1 hour - 2 hours
Federation Any Level

Mission Description

INVICTUS is a storytelling foundry experience, from STO Admiral Aaron. [OOC]Mission Objective: Classified: by order of Starfleet Command. Your orders are to dock at Starbase Invictus in the Carinae Sector, Admiral Aaron will brief you on your new mission. This assignment is critical to the Federation. Admiral Aaron has made First Contact with a new species of intelligent beings from the trans-dimensional realm. These beings have important information for the Federation that could shape the outcome of the Temporal Cold War. Also, be informed that Admiral Aaron has reported an unexpected increase in Voth activity in that sector. Starfleet Command out.[/OOC] [MissionInfo]Mission Overview: *Minimum level 50+ *Mission starts at the Kyana System *Heavy combat for space and ground combat. *Considerable amount of dialogue. *Intended to be played solo. *In a team, expect double the enemies. *Bring SCI, ENG, and TAC officers. *Average play time 50 minutes.[/MissionInfo]