1 hour - 2 hours
Federation Level 50+

Mission Description

Extinction is the conclusion to Invictus foundry mission, from STO Admiral Aaron. Previously on Foundry mission INVICTUS. At the end of Invictus, the Player encounters Admiral Aaron while battling Kazon raiders in the NGC 6611 system of the Delta Quadrant. The Admiral requests the Player to accompany him on a rescue mission not sanctioned by Starfleet. [OOC]Mission Objective: Your orders are to follow Admiral Aaron to the Kyana system as he has requested. Ascertain his objectives in the Delta Quadrant and report back to Starfleet.[/OOC] [MissionInfo]Mission Overview: *Mission is difficult. *Minimum level 50+ *Mission starts at Kyana System – Located in Delta Quadrant. *Heavy combat for space and ground. *Medium amount of plot to read. *Options to skip text dialogue. *Intended to be played solo. *In a team, expect double the enemies. *Bring SCI, ENG, and TAC officers. *Average play time is 60+ mins.[/MissionInfo]