AA: Adrift [S1-E1]

30 minutes - 1 hour
Federation Level 41+

Mission Description

Classified: By Order of Starfleet Command: As of stardate 91878.75, the U.S.S. Northstar has been missing for 6 days and is not responding to hails. Admiral Aaron, one of Starfleet’s most decorated officers, is missing along with his ship and 980 of Starfleet’s finest crew. The Northstar's last known location was reported by Captain Dhalla of the U.S.S. Stromo in orbit of VL-245. Mission Objective: Locate and recover Admiral Aaron, the U.S.S. Northstar, and the crew. Starfleet Command Out. Mission Overview: *Mission starts at Omicron Kappa System - Hotep Sector *Heavy space and ground combat. *Medium amount of story to read. *Options to skip text dialogue. *Mission is difficult. *Intended to be played solo. *In a team, expect double the enemies. *Bring a frequency remodulator. *Bring a Sci, Eng and Tac officers. *Approximate play time is 35-55 minutes. **STO Admiral Aaron - Building Better - Foundry Missions**